READY FOR TAKEOFF – Daily Candy NY Sept 2006



The last time someone offered to take nude photos of you, you declined because:

a) There is no way in hell you’re allowing your baby varicose veins to be captured on film.
b) Last time, Stupid Jerko Ex posted your bedroom shots on MySpace.
c) The man on the subway seemed nice, except for that a nervous eye twitch.
d) You couldn’t get ahold of Grace Vane Percy.

Excuses, excuses. But not for long. Notting Hill-based photographer GVP is in town for a week to shoot your sexy birthday suit (with you in it).

A two-hour session involves you (in all your glory), good lighting, Vane Percy’s lens, and expert staging. The result? Subtle, natural, feminine portraits that are more French Vogue than Stuff. (Don’t run for cover — you really do look good from that angle.)

When it’s done, you get a link to a (private) online proof gallery. You can order in bulk (for lovers, partners, fans of the AANR) or simply for yourself.

But act fast.

Gravity, it turns out, has been plotting against you.