“Grace was amazing with guiding me through the photoshoot, making me feel at home and free, as well as producing artistic results that I will cherish for life. Thinking of posing together with my partner next time!” Serina

“Shortly before I got married, friends insisted that I should go and see Grace to have some photos done as a wedding present for my husband. I am so glad I did. Not only did Grace make the shoot itself super-relaxed and fun, but the shots were just beautiful. I don’t think anyone feels entirely confident about seeing themselves on camera naked (I certainly didn’t) but I was blown away when I opened the envelope. As for my husband when he opened his present – I’ve never seen someone truly dumbstruck before… Grace was a complete dream throughout, making me feel so relaxed and comfortable on the shoot (but also giving excellent and much needed advice on how to position myself), huge amounts of help when picking which shots to print (a lengthy process, as there were so many we loved) and just generally making the experience easy, warm and fun. Looking through the shots again the other day I can’t quite believe that they are me and I am so delighted that they are. And I think there’s probably no greater endorsement than to say that, now I’m pregnant, I’m booking a return trip!” Claudine

“I worked with Grace for my first wedding anniversary gift to my husband. Not only did she put me at ease straight away with her calm nature, the images were so elegant and tasteful – the whole experience was extremely empowering. I was so pleased with the beautiful prints – it ended up being as much a gift to myself as to my husband!” Amiee

“Our photo shoot with Grace was one of our most exciting and surreal experiences!  My husband and I wanted some photos that we could look back on when we are well into our old age and reminisce in amazement. Grace did a superb job of making us feel at ease, ensuring we got the poses and photos we wanted, and making the finished product absolutely perfect. Grace is a consummate professional and I would not hesitate to recommend her to celebrate your beautiful body!” J&S

“My experience with Grace was truly enjoyable and also life changing for me… my low sense of self esteem and poor body image needed attention and although at first these images were hard to look at, I now see the beauty of them and am proud to say they’re me! I can’t say my confidence is fully returned, but these pictures certainly helped and still keep helping me – anyone feeling the same as me I’d strongly recommend these beautiful and tasteful works of art to help.” Helen

 “The photo session with Grace was offered to me as a gift and although sceptical at first the initial meeting with Grace to discuss the shoot set me entirely at ease. Grace is a warm and lovely person and professional in her approach; she would do everything to make me feel comfortable on the day. I truly enjoyed it.” Eva

“Grace is extremely talented and is able to combine her artisic flair with a down-to-earth approach which makes you feel immediately relaxed and at ease. I was impressed and delighted with the selection of shots she produced. The quality of her work and her professionalism is first class.” Caroline

“The prospect of having nude photographs taken was daunting but Grace makes you feel very at ease with her professional and calm approach and the results she achieves are spectacular. I now recommend this to all my friends looking for the perfect wedding present for their husbands to be.” Gemma

 “I booked my session with Grace before I could talk myself out of it!  After being a little worried before the shoot she immediately put me at ease by brewing up a tea in her home and looking at other photographs, I almost forgot why I was there!  The session went smoothly and I always felt comfortable this was entirely down to Grace.  Afterwards, when the contact sheet arrived in the post I ripped it open with trepidation and was incredibly pleased with the results – Was that really me?!  Her talent as an artist was obvious and I would highly recommend her to anyone – It gave me such a boost of confidence.  I booked the shoot as a wedding present which went down exceptionally well, my husband now receives a a portrait on our anniversary every year.” Henrietta 

“Before Grace started the shoot, we sat down and had a chat about what I hoped to get out of it, where I intended to put the photographs and she showed me some photos she’d done of other people all of which were beautifully shot and very tasteful. She shot me in several different poses and the whole experience wasn’t at all intimidating.

I was delighted with the results. We must have had nearly 100 to choose from and it was difficult to decide on our favourite in the end, the two photographs are now on our bathroom walls and much admired by everyone who’s seen them.” Annie

“After a nervous tube ride across London sans underwear, it was a real pleasure to meet Grace in her light, warm studio and home, and be greeted with a hot cup of coffee and her gentle, unhurried approach.  Grace took the time to discuss my expectations before the shoot, and offered advice on how best to present the final images, as well as going out of her way to ensure I had them in time for Christmas! Grace is a consummate professional, I was delighted with my pictures and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her service.” Faye

“I think the pre baby thing is the angle I’m coming from, and the fact that young women fear that their body will not cope with pregnancy and post pregnancy effects (especially as pregnancies are happening later than before in a women life). Also, having to juggle with business and couple life is not easy and your body sometimes does not cope with the stress and pressure of working and living in a big city where you have to keep fit .

I personally think that it is easier and less traumatized for a women body to have kids when she is in her 20s than in her 30s. And one of the reasons I did the portraits is because I fear being a mum and having my body changed and traumatized by all these changes.” Helene

“One day in trawling the Internet, I came across an editorial about a fantastic female photographer who specialized in nude photography. I looked at the pictures presented to me there, and was intrigued by how inspiring they were. I was in awe, and wondered if this woman could take such beautiful pictures of me. The images stuck with me and I decided that I owed it to myself to see what Grace Vane Percy could do with my silhouette. Even though I was a little unnerved, I made an appointment with Grace, threw caution to the wind and hoped for the best. Grace told me before I came to her studio to not wear anything snug as this would cause lines in my skin and they would be visible in the photos, and this meant underpants as well. The day of the photography session, the thought of going “commando” thru London brought both fear and excitement. I arrived at Grace’s studio ready as I ever would be and as nervous as anything. But Grace put any and all fears to rest. She is a lovely woman who took time to talk to me and show me some photos of past clients and we discussed which poses might look good for my session. After a cup of tea and I explained a little bit of what I was looking to achieve we set off to the comfortably private studio. The actual photo shoot itself went wonderfully well and it didn’t hurt at all when Grace would say out to me “wow, that really looks nice” and “oh that will translate well”. Building my confidence all along the way. At the end I think I walked out of Grace’s studio a little taller, yes I had just turned 40, but damn it, I still look good!
When the prints arrived, I was blown away by how beautiful they were. Grace was able to capture images of myself that I barely knew existed. I was proud of myself for taking the chance and doing something like this just for me. I was glad and it felt wonderful to have something substantial to document this moment that was all mine.” Holly

“I first saw Grace Vane Percy mentioned one day in Daily Candy NYC.
I have to say I was immediately intrigued. My husband has often asked me for nude photos over the years. I had always put him off, given he is no photography genius. And having it done professionally! Well, where do you go to get that done? How do you go about inquiring? Then I saw Grace’s website. You can immediately tell that these photos were taken by an artist, and from a women’s perspective. They truly are works of art. So classy! – Nothing sleazy here. I initially booked the appointment thinking of my husband and without any hesitation what so ever.
The day of the appointment was another story. I woke up extremely nervous and went to meet Grace planning to back out or at least postpone the session to a latter date. Grace arrived and was so…. well, gracious. I was taken by surprise by how quickly Grace put me at ease. She is the consummate professional but at the same time so very personable. It was just Grace and I, no assistants to speak of. I was able to relax and almost completely forget I was naked. The trick is that the atmosphere and interaction are just so natural that if you don’t look at yourself you actually can forget that you are – naked. I really didn’t feel “exposed” in any way. If you look at her work, the pictures have a lot of shadow and you would assume they were taken almost in the dark. Surprisingly there was a lot of natural light in the room, which added to the warm environment. After the session I received a set of contact sheets/proofs from which to pick. I have to tell you it took me forever to pick, as I really loved them all. At 40+ I was amazed at how Grace captured my body. I didn’t know it could look so beautiful – and that was before any touching up. Really these photos require very little if any touching up. I am so happy with the outcome and the whole experience – it has been wonderful!!!
I would recommend having your nude portraiture done by Grace Vane Percy to ANYONE. Celebrate Yourself! I would do it all again. I went into the experience thinking it was a gift for my husband but it turned out to be a wonderful gift to myself! Every time I look at these pictures I feel beautiful. What are you waiting for?!” Julia

“I initially hit on the idea of some ‘tasteful’ naked photos in a fit of Samantha-inspired ‘Sex and The City’ madness. Having spent most of the summer in the gym I decided it was pointless unless I had some evidence of the results!

Having read about Grace in Daily Candy I was struck by the beautiful, classical images on her website and by her calming and reassuring personality when we spoke.On the day itself, having worked myself up into a fit of nerves, Grace did a fantastic job of putting me at ease. The shoot itself went remarkably quickly and I surprised myself by how confident I felt.

After the shoot I was impressed by the quality of Grace’s work – beautiful shots, and her help in choosing the best ones. I found the whole experience brilliant and a great way to build self-awareness and confidence – in the main due to such a professional person in Grace. After a difficult year in which my confidence had been knocked this was a real experiment but one which I am glad to have done.” Annabel

 “Taking off all of your clothes for a nude photography session is an understandably stressful thought, but when I met with Grace Vane Percy, all of my fears and insecurities were laid to rest immediately.  She is not only the most talented photographer, but she had a way of making me feel more comfortable than I ever have, posing for her artful works.  The hardest part of the entire experience was to choose the photos that I wanted to print—they were all so stunning that it was almost impossible to decide!!  Not only was my fiancée overwhelmed with my gift of photos to him, he now wants to shoot a duel session—I have never seen him so delighted and proud to receive such a present.  Grace and her talents are truly exceptional.” Taryn

 “Grace truly knows how you to make feel completely at ease.  She was professional, helpful and warm from start to finish. Most importantly, I was very pleased the photographs.  I’d definitely recommend her to a friend.” Kristen

“I booked my session upon seeing examples of Grace’s sublime artwork. My husband had long wanted to have a nude portrait of me. Grace’s photographs are so artistic and elegant.
I have to say that the day of my appointment I was extremely nervous and planned how I might back out.  Grace immediately made me feel so at ease. The atmosphere was very natural and relaxed.  The images are STUNNING!!! She really understands how to photograph the female form. How graceful these pictures have made me feel… Since turning 40 I’ve been missing the body I used to have.  Grace captured beauty that I thought was gone.  An exquisite gift for someone you love…including yourself.
Thank you so much Grace.” Julia

 “My experience with Grace was terrific.  I had tons of questions before the shoot, which she answered quickly and thoroughly.  During the shoot, Grace was warm, friendly, and gave helpful suggestions.  I am not used to having my picture taken and don’t always like the way I look in photos, but Grace made the experience easy, natural and fun, and I was thrilled with the finished product.  I highly recommend a photo shoot with Grace for anyone who wants to feel beautiful.” Michelle 

 “I found the entire experience to be artistic — and fun.  Even given the challenges of international communications, Grace is extremely professional  — with a sensitivity and consideration that inspires.  She is reassuring during the photo shoot and experimental too, so that the photos are unique and personal.  My girlfriends helped me choose the final photos from the contact sheets — and that was fun too.  I wanted to surprise my husband for Christmas and when he unwrapped the framed images, his jaw dropped!  It was worth every penny to see his reaction  — and subsequent pride when he takes ‘select’ friends and family on a gallery tour…  Thank you for a once in a lifetime experience.” Leeann

Niki calls her photographs “an awesome, natural expression of pure femininity”.


“I was “euphoric – the shots were like a Pirelli calendar. It reinforced why I’d sacrificed so much and given up the one thing I love more than my husband – food.” Vanessa