You’re So Vane by Erin Skrypek for FASHION WIRE DAILY NY, 2006


Ever had a moment where you’ve looked at yourself naked and said to the person in the mirror, “You are so fine…”

Maybe you’d never admit it, but you know it has happened. The lights might be have been dim and half of your bottom hidden in the shadows, or you may have just survived an acute case of food poisoning, or are perhaps you are just completely secure in your own skin and the sight of your unclothed self, under any light, makes you ebullient.

Whatever the case, these nudist moments seem to be scaring fewer and actually inspiring women of all sorts to seek out ways to permanently capture themselves in various states of undress – in, of course, the most favorable light possible.

Which where Grace Vane Percy enters. As a former landscape photographer, she knows how to capture hills and planes in the most idealistic circumstances and has now made a business out of it doing the same thing; only the hills and planes are attached to female bodies.

The London-based photographer has, via word of mouth, gained the trust of an array of successful and dignified British ladies that you’d never suspect would ever let a bra strap show, never mind get intentionally naked on a whim. But, their secrets are safe with Ms. Vane Percy.

Grace Vane Percy will be in New York City from September 15th to 25th, so if you are feeling a little saucy, but in a tasteful way, check out Vane Percy’s work at and drop your guard.

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